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Credit Builds Wealth is a company of credit score specialists with financial industry expertise who understand what it takes to raise your credit scores and work with the big three credit bureaus everyday. Our credit score specialists will help individuals and couples aiming to improve their credit scores to qualify for specific purchase(s), for example, a new home or automobile. We will select the most damaging items on your credit reports and dispute them to provide the maximum improvement in your score in the shortest possible time. At the same time, we will counsel you how to obtain alternate revolving credit lines to improve your score.

Our Services Include:

We Have Cleared All Types of Items

Monthly Credit Score Improvement
Unlimited Support
24/7 Client Web Status Portal
Cancel Anytime
No Hidden Fees
Derogatory Items
Slow Pays
Tax Liens
Late Payments
Medical Bills
Credit Card Debt
Collection Agency
Student Loans
Identity Theft

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