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Credit Builds Wealth has been in business for over 6 years. We are credit score specialists who enjoy closing more business by sending us a majority of their sub-prime customers for credit score repair. We are bonded and registered with the State of Texas as a credit organization company. Our President-CEO comes from the mortgage industry and has an in-depth knowledge of credit engineering.

Credit Builds Wealth's expertise includes auto industry financial professionals, mortgage industry experts, accounting experts, & a very refined credit score improvement team who's prior employers were in fact one of the big three credit bureaus.

Priding ourselves with diligence, tenacity, and ability, Credit Builds Wealth's will work professionally to give you a top-notch experience.

Credit Score Specialists

Because we know that credit score improvement is the service that will take you from dreams and goals to actual success and financial empowerment, we've tailored our credit score improvement services to specifically help you achieve your goals. Obviously, time is also of the essence: our credit score improvement service fixes your credit problems fast. Now, we can't guarantee 24-hour credit score boosts, and we won't recommend you change identities. But what we do every single day, is provide persistent, legal credit score improvement action on your behalf.

As with all reputable credit score specialist firms, we combine the expertise of veteran credit specialists with the firepower of former credit bureau employees. Our consultants combine hundreds of disciplines and areas of expertise to go beyond credit law into the real-world, ground level financial industry. Simply put, we understand what you're trying to do, and we've got the experience and determination to accomplish your goals.

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